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Umang Kalra’s “fig” proves that, even in apocalypse, there is still poetry. Exploring abuse, surveillance, and digital shadows that will surely outlive us, their chapbook demands that while we oppose capitalism, we also consider if real utopia even includes us. In a brimming world where the state watches over all of our actions, Kalra’s poetry asks the burning questions: “where will we put all our heart / emojis,” where will we put all our heart?- Samantha Fain, author of Coughing Up Planets (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press) & sad horse music (The Daily Drunk)

POETRY"SURVEILLANCE STATE POEM" | ANMLY (forthcoming) //"EKPHRASIS ON SATURN, MARS, VENUS, AND JUPITER LINING UP IN RARE CELESTIAL SPECTACLE:" | beestung (forthcoming) //"CRIMINALITY" | Code Lit (forthcoming) //"2017" & "utopia poem (#?)" | Kiss Your Darlings, Olney Magazine (forthcoming) //“EPISTOLARY POEM” | Strange Horizons (forthcoming) //“i could go to bed sweetly, pothos crawling”, “Grace”, & “ARS POETICA where i know what the words mean” | Lucy Writers’ Platform //“Susan Sontag Bends a Picture in Her Hand and I Watch” | The Liminal Review (print) //“Elegy for 2019” | Wax Nine //“EXPLAIN THE UNIVERSE TO ME, I WANT IT THROUGH YOUR EYES” | Dear Poetry Journal //“my true self is grocery shopping” | Longleaf Review (nominated for the Pushcart Prize) //“I Want To Be Fucked Up Like All My Favourite Protagonists” & “ Trouth Beauty Love” | -algia //“Splendour” | The Shallow Ends //“ELEGY FOR MY OWN ADORATION” | tenderness lit //“Finding Schiele” | moving //ESSAYS"As I Fall Apart by Oriana Rose, with illustrations by Natasha Natarajan" | Lucy Writers' Platform (review) //“The Tragedy Of Loving Beth Harmon” //“Edward Hopper And The Suspension Of Loneliness In Time” | Porridge Magazine //“When Art Becomes Replicable — Yoko Ono, Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven, And 'Modern Art'” //“Rothko And The Engineering Of Suffocation” //